about me

My Story

I’ve always been the most curious person in the room.

While pursuing my Finance / Information Systems degree in University, my favourite classes were the elective classes that had absolutely nothing to do with my degree. I would sign up for classes like Psychology, Marketing, Economics and even sneak into classes like Game Theory which was wildly fascinating.

I often try to learn one new thing a year – whether it was a new skill, a new knowledge, or even a new sport.

I started my career off in a Private Equity company as an Analyst/Strategist- which later led me to discover the world of digital in business. I was hooked.

Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Technology flooded my world. I learnt anything and everything that honed my interest and was one of the early adopters in Malaysia.

This eventually led me to the world of tech startups and letting me discover the greatest tech entrepreneurs which have greatly influenced me today – Steve Jobs & Elon Musk notably.

Learning that the greatest products made in the world were made that people no smarter that me was an invitation for me to dream big and create great products as a legacy that I would want to leave in this world.

What I’m Great In


I conceptualize, strategize and manage the development of digital products.


Passionate about digital marketing especially SEO. Grown revenues by 10x for companies that I’ve worked with.


Created and developed training programs for companies looking to do digital transformation.


I help companies plan, implement and execute e-commerce solutions for the long-term.

Work Process







Brands I’ve Worked With

Fun Facts

Founded and Sold a Health E-Commerce Store

Investor in Storehub

Food lover

Won Best Health Tech Startup in 2017